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May 2 2018, 10:39 PM
http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/duskball.png https://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/sol-luna/sprites/animados/mimikyu.gif

Impish @ 32% Affection

Arina could hardly keep from grinning at every stranger she passed on the street. Being used to the large crowds in Lumiose City, Arina welcomed any opportunity to connect with a group of people and Maluhia Village held the largest crowds she'd encountered since coming to Alola. She'd heard of a fabulous little downtown café that she really wanted to try so she'd decided to take her time since she had a free day. She hadn't really been thinking about anything but getting lost in a crowd as she'd grabbed a backpack but as she made her way to Maluhia, the Coordy realized that she only had the Mimikyu as any sort of defense. It would have been nice to have some buffer...like Hero...along but she'd make the best of it. Besides, maybe seeing how Misery handled a large group of people would tell her how she'd handle being on stage.

Trying to take in all the sights and sounds of the small town, Arina got turned around a few times and accidently passed the café twice before realizing where she was. Ordering an Iced Caramel Macchiato and a smaller Pokemon version (non-caffeinated of course) for the Mimikyu, she found a corner booth so that she could people watch without being considered rude. Releasing the Mimikyu from her Dusk Ball, Arina gave Misery her best smile as she set the Poke-macchiato in front of her. "I thought we'd go for an outing today and I got you a special drink. Hope you like it, Misery."

As Misery studied the drink, her "head" tilted awkwardly to the side. An onlookers perspective could have considered this quite humorous but Arina could not forget that no one really knew what the Mimikyu's true form actually looked like. Their disguises were obviously fake but still effective since the "cuteness" of their rag designs made them appear less menacing and perhaps even friendly.

Reaching a shadowy hand up, Misery gripped the small cup and used the straw to take a cautious sip. Since Arina could not begin to read any expression from the Mimikyu's true face, the Coordy had no warning when the Pokemon hissed loudly (while spewing the liquid all over the table) and threw the (still mostly full) cup haphazardly into the crowded café. "What the fuck was that!!??"
Apr 22 2018, 12:31 PM
Arina Aestival

http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/moonball.png http://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/xy/sprites/animados/ralts.gif
Kaguya http://i2.ifrm.com/16430/149/emo/girl2.png
Lv. 5 - 3.6/5 EXP
Nature: Modest || Ability: Telepathy
Confuse Ray, Growl, Confusion
24% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/20.png
16% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/B20.png
[2/10 Modded Threads to Master Empathy]

Igglybuff Egg
[12 Posts to Hatching]
[[ Will Hatch With 2nd Egg Move ]]
24% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/20.png
20% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/B20.png

Arina was carrying a rolled blanket in one hand and a bright pink basket in the other. The basket held her newly acquired Igglybuff Egg resting comfortably in the nest she'd made for it during her first class. The Coordy was nervous but pleased that she'd received not only a passing grade but had the opportunity to care for a Pokemon egg. Arina was also very pleased with the weather. The think, dark clouds made the day overcast enough that the Coordy wasn't caked in sunscreen like she would have been on a typical bright day. She'd been able to get away with a light spray instead of the thick lotion.

As she walked across the wet sand, the Coordy was reminded of the midnight colored sand at the hot springs. This sand was smoother but dull on this cloudy day and didn't sparkle even in the low light. Arina knew she'd want to revisit the springs again but had decided to try for a different beach locale today. The sound of the waves was strong with the ocean brewing from all of the recent storms but it still made for a relaxing getaway.

The Ralts at her side was also pleased with the new addition sitting in the basket. This was a real Pokemon egg and she could not only sense the life inside the egg but recognized that she shared a type with the baby inside. Kaguya glanced at the small backpack on Arina's shoulders and frowned. She knew the girl was carrying a fake egg in the bag but the reason eluded her. The Coordy had explained that she wanted to spend some time with her and the Igglybuff egg in order to deepen their bond (whatever that meant) but had said nothing about bringing the imposter.

Finding a spot well above high tide, Arina carefully set down the basket on the sand and began spreading out the blanket she'd brought along. The Ralts took up watch over the light pink egg with her arms resting on the edges of the basket. Looking down at the egg, the Ralts reached out and rested one hand on the lightly textured surface. As she traced one dark pink swirl of color in the shell's pattern, Kaguya felt a flash of contentment and smiled. She'd felt the baby! The Ralts wasn't exactly sure what it meant for her to have these occasional flashes of feelings from others but today she could count it as a gift.

As Arina turned to retrieve the basket, she too smiled as she saw the Pokemon and egg bonding. "How about we move the baby's basket onto the blanket? You can stay as close as you want and I'll sit on the other side so I don't disturb you too much."

The Ralts nodded and let the Coordy shift the baby to be more comfortably placed on the blanket. As she took her place beside the egg once more, Kaguya thought she should acknowledge the Coordy in some way. "Thank you."

-1 Post for Egg Hatching Count. [12 => 11]
-1 Mod Thread count toward Kaguya's Empathy mastery.
Apr 13 2018, 07:58 PM
Arina is traveling with:

http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/moonball.png http://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/xy/sprites/animados/ralts.gif
Kaguya http://i2.ifrm.com/16430/149/emo/girl2.png
Lv. 5 - 0/5 EXP
Nature: Modest || Ability: Telepathy
Confuse Ray, Growl, Confusion
19% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/20.png
16% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/B20.png

The Coordinator always had a profound interest in any type of Pokemon but very few pulled at her as much as Fairy, Grass or Ice types. Hoping to expand on her team building interests, Arina had chosen the coldest place on the island for her next exploration mission. Because of the cold, she had worn multiple layers and added a long parka over that. Much more clothing than was typical of her but definitely enough to offer protection...if she could stay dry. Arina had almost changed her mind about this little excursion when she found out the cave flooded at high tide but she hoped that she and Kaguya would be headed back to the dorm before that. Unsure of how the Ralts would handle the cold weather, the Coordinator had acquired a short sweater made out of a warm, furry material which Kaguya had seemed to find rather appealing and fit her well enough not impede movement.

Making their way to the cave entrance had been rather easy and the path hadn't been flooded but the Coordinator was still a bit nervous with how far in the waves reached inside even at low tide. "Be extra careful where you step, Kaguya. The water drenched sand can cause unsure footing and neither of us really need to take a dip in this colder part of the ocean." The Ralts' answer was an annoyed glance at Arina. The girl had decided the location but that didn't mean the Ralts was happy about it and being called "Kaguya" still felt strange because the name was so...human. Despite her resignation, the Ralts was still going to be careful. The sooner the girl had her look around this frozen cave, the sooner they could leave.

The sandy pathway they were following continued to get narrower and narrower with the frozen walls closing in tighter around them. The Coordinator now found herself glad her knee high boots also had good grip since it felt as though she was walking on ice sprinkled with sand. As their chosen path had an incline, Arina slowed her pace even more. As they rounded a particularly spectacular ice column rising out of the ocean, the Coordy swore loudly. The path was now a narrow shelf of ice that jutted out from the cave wall with at least a ten foot drop off the edge to the water below.

Since Arina had stopped moving, the Ralts peeked out from behind to see why she'd stopped. Convinced the girl had to recognize the danger, the Pokemon stated, "It looks too dangerous to continue forward. You wanted to see the ice cave. I think we've seen enough." As the Ralts turned around, she noticed a shadow indicating something was on the other side of the column. The Ralts sighed with annoyance. Whatever it was, it must have been attracted by all their noise seeing as they hadn't exactly been trying for stealth.
Apr 8 2018, 04:01 PM
Joining Arina is:

http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/duskball.png https://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/sol-luna/sprites/animados/mimikyu.gif
Mimikyu http://i2.ifrm.com/16430/149/emo/girl2.png
Level 10 - 0/5 EXP
Nature: Impish || Ability: Disguise
Nightmare, Wood Hammer, Splash, Scratch, Astonish, Copycat, Double Team, Baby-Doll Eyes
20% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/20.png
20% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/B20.png

Arina was relieved that she'd decided on wearing a rain poncho with her grungy, rugged clothing and boots instead of her usual fair. The day was absolutely miserable with the sky raining a flood at seemingly random intervals. It didn't help that she had to keep such a close eye on the Mimikyu that was meandering a few feet ahead of her. The only reason they weren't closer in proximity was that Arina was being careful where she stepped since the ground in the grove was so muddy. Understandable seeing as the trees were well cared for but still annoying since the weather was so dreary.

Studying the trees up ahead, Arina smiled as she noticed quite a few berries on the various trees that appeared to ripe. They hadn't been kidding about the weather helping along in the berry harvesting process. The Coordy was about to point out some particularly nice looking berries when she realized the Mimikyu was nowhere to be seen. Having been clutching the Dusk Ball this entire time, the Coordy readied her finger over the button. "Mimikyu! Mimikyu! Where are you?" Unable to hear any sounds above the current torrent of rain and with visibility being so poor, the Coordy mentally cursed herself for being so naïve.


Having heard a loud sound nearby, Arina turned and started jogging in that direction. She hoped it wasn't a wild Pokemon she was hearing because her partner was currently missing... Hearing a rustling sound from behind her, the Coordy attempted to turn around and down she went with a loud, wet SPLAT!!! As the wet mud soaked through the legs of her jeans, Arina tried to get her hands beneath her enough to push up from the mud where she'd fallen.

"Tehehe! You seem to have tripped yourself up, girlie!"

She'd just started pushing herself up when she heard the sounds of a familiar Pokemon laughing. Looking ahead and trying to keep her balance on hands and knees, the Coordy could see the form of the Mimikyu's disguise standing rather close by. It also appeared to be shaking all over, obviously with laughter. "Ha ha, Mimikyu! Very funny! You seem to be perfectly fine."

"I believe so, yes. You have provided me with some entertainment but I require repeat performances until I am satisfied. I might even join in next time."

Arina tried to ignore the Pokemon's snickers long enough to get fully upright again. Although her jeans, boots and poncho were completely caked with mud, the Coordy's torso and feet were dry. She supposed she should be thankful she'd fallen face foreward or else the gear in her pack may have been ruined. As it was, the waterproof material had protected the contents quite nicely. Doing a quick inventory, the Coordy noticed the Sour Poffin she'd brought along. "If you're quite done, I could use your help getting us some of these ripened berries. I can make treats out of them, much like this."

As she held up the Sour Poffin where the Pokemon could see it, the Mimikyu's eyes flashed as it sidled closer. "You can have this one for yourself now." The Coordy tossed the Poffin toward the Mimikyu and tried not to flinch as a shadowy arm shot out from beneath the rag to snatch it out of the air. As the Mimikyu noisily enjoyed her snack, Arina pointed to one of the berries high in the nearby tree. "I can't reach these ones on the higher branches so I thought you might be able to knock them down for me. We'll take them back to the dorm with us, wash them up and then try our hand at baking Poffins."

"I think you might need a good wash up yourself but I'd like to make more treats to share with Igglybuff." The Mimikyu was prepared to share one treat with her friend but the arrogant Mawile would have to fight for a bite.

Gave the http://i2.ifrm.com/16245/20/emo/sourpoff.png Sour Poffin [Good] to Mimikyu (Preferred Flavor).
Apr 6 2018, 09:16 AM
Arina is traveling with:

http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sprites/moonball.png http://www.pkparaiso.com/imagenes/xy/sprites/animados/ralts.gif
Ralts http://i2.ifrm.com/16430/149/emo/girl2.png
Lv. 5 - 0/5 EXP
Nature: Modest || Ability: Telepathy
Confuse Ray, Growl, Confusion
10% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/10.png
10% http://files.jcink.net/uploads/alakaiuniversity/B10.png

Since her classes had started this week, Arina had been busy trying to acclimate herself to the layout of campus and not show up late repeatedly. She'd been leaving her dorm earlier than anticipated to also help keep this from happening and considered this to be a small victory so far. But now that the weekend was upon them, the Coordy decided to take advantage of her brain waking her up at 6 a.m. and use the opportunity to explore more of the locations she'd been hearing so much about...Pele Cove, for instance.

She'd been fascinated with the idea of black sand and naturally occurring hot springs. She knew this was due to volcanic activity around the islands and wanted to witness the evidence first hand. The idea of spending a good part of the day relaxing in naturally warmed waters seemed like the best way to spend her first Saturday in Alola. She also believed this would be a good opportunity to meet the newest addition to her team. Grabbing her backpack and armed with the Moon Ball the Ralts inhabited, the Coordy headed out the door.


"Oh, wow!" Arina heard herself exclaim for what seemed to be the millionth time since she'd left the dorm. Every inch of the island was breathtakingly beautiful and the Coordy was embarrassed that she couldn’t seem to think of the words to accurately describe it. Instead she seemed stuck on auto responses that were lack luster at best. At least the landscape didn't seem to mind her absent minded speech. The black grains of sand caught the light and twinkled like diamonds, reminding her of the night sky. The soft burbling of the hot springs was a welcoming sound and as Arina slipped off her shoes, the warmth of the sand itself seemed even more inviting.

Setting her pack on a patch of sand close by to the edge of her chosen spring, Arina tapped the Moon Ball to release the Pokemon inside. The Ralts appeared in a flash of light and looked around. "Hello, Ralts. I'm very glad to meet you! I'm Arina and I'd like to be your friend." The Coordy mentally smacked herself. Could she sound much more like a cheesy greeting card!? "I thought we could spend the day together and get better acquainted."

The Ralts was taking her time, soaking up the view. She'd been cooped up in the ball for too long. It felt good to breath fresh air with no mechanical aftertaste, to feel an actual breeze and hear all the sounds of nature. Hearing the human she was currently leashed to, the Ralts studied the female. She was all bright sounds and bright colors. Nothing like the stuffy humans that had been looking after her since she'd hatched. "You are quite different from the other humans I've seen." The Ralts simply ignored the fact that she'd seen very few humans in her short life outside her egg.

The Ralts' tone didn't seem to convey much emotion so Arina took that as a positive sign. She put the Moon Ball beside her bag, both of which were at arm's reach, just in case. The Coordy stepped carefully to enter the ten foot span of warm water up to her waist and motioned toward the Ralts. "It feels great. You really should join me in here." Leaving the decision to the Pokemon, Arina reclined against the edge of the pool and sighed contentedly.

Seeing the human so calm now, the Ralts studied her for another moment. Curious about the effects of the bubbling waters, the Ralts stepped closer and let it wash over the edges of her feet. It felt warm, much like the sand but even better. Getting into the pool seemed like a good idea but the Ralts only let the water cover her feet and kept to the far side of the bubbly spring.
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